Leather jackets

Your clothes need delicate care

Don't ruin your expensive items made with suede, leather, and fur.

Leather jacket

Trust the experts

You know suede, leather, and fur are delicate materials. You don't want to sabotage your clothes with at-home remedies or advice from average people. Trust your luxurious clothing to the experts.

Let the professionals at The Brass Hanger Cleaners carefully remove the spot with specific cleaning techniques that only a dry cleaning company can do!

Don't waste your money

You take pride in your appearance and buy nice clothing and accessories. You are divested by a stain on your expensive suede boots, leather purse, or fur coat. Don't worry! Get them dry cleaned at The Brass Hanger Cleaner.

Save your money -- your items will look brand new! Pay affordable prices and receive exceptional service. You will forget the stain was even there!

Don't tackle a stain on suede, leather or fur alone! Call the experts.

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